Thursday, 2 March 2017

India Against Pakistan

Pakistan has been a victim of a number of suicide attacks on public, politicians, police other law-enforcing agencies, and certain buildings. Terrorism is the systematic and organized used of violence and intimidation of force a government or community to act in a certain way, or accept certain demands. This is one of the greatest problems of modern age faced by mankind. Throughout the world, some sort of violence is going on. People belonging to different communities and sects are killing each other. Very strong net-works of terrorist like as India, Afghanistan, America or different part of the world.
India is the most  biggest enemy of the Pakistan and Pakistan's progress like as  C-PAC  project. India did not want that the PSL final match have to play in Lahore. Because India also jealous that the cricket in Pakistan did not reach at global level
As the things go, it is expected that we will suffer more terrorist attacks in the months and years ahead. The terrorists’ targets are unwarned, unprotected persons and facilities. This is, in fact, World War 3, though a different kind of war which we have known. Terrorism is unconventional warfare. There  are no fronts, no armies, and no battlefields.
There are three goals to terrorism. First, to show that the government cannot protect you. It is to make people feel that they are unsafe  wherever they are living. Second, to create reaction and hence more terrorism. Third, to glamorize such acts. For these activity, there must be a significant target such as the twin tower of U.S.A. Communication Technology has also helped the terrorist to coordinate their actions.

Before starting our war against terrorism, we must be clear about the definition of terrorism. Sometimes, all injustice that exist in the world lead people to undertake hateful and destructive acts. The atrocities being committed on Kashmiries  or Palestinians are causing suicidal bombing. Such people are heroes for their nation but Terrorists to the oppressors.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Trump's Policy

It’s the most requisite right of human being to lead a very happy and contented sort of life but unfortunately some implacable people instead of creating ample felicity among humanity create impediments in the way of those who are determined to establish a co-operative peace full existence, the notorious instance in this regard can be put forth of callous Donald Trump who has turned his beautiful garden of humanity into a sheer exploitation and pandemonium. Pakistan and America had a similar past both emerged being agriculture countries, but with the fleeting of time because of various fluctuations both couldn’t stick to their nation of spreading an environment of fraternity between each other, between innocent masses irrespective of political and religious difference.
Today America is playing havoc by propagating her abominable policies which obviously indicate the myopia and bias frame of mind of Trump. He has perhaps, forgotten  Martin Luther King, a beautiful literary voice of America, who through his speech, “ I Have A Dream” regarded America a great nation whose there is no malice, bias and narrow mingle dress and nepotistic. He kept infusing the spirit of love, endurance and hope in all the people of America so that they may develop a good relationship with other countries in order to bring the fair name of America but i can confidently arrest that , if Martin Luther King had been alive ,he would have burst into tear’s to see the frivolous and shameful oddities of Donald Trump. We shouldn’t forget that on the dint of cruelty we can only get the willingness of our subordinate or fate-strike people but can never build a perpetual place in their heart.

Man is always learnt due to his admirable and noble deeds and noble-deeds demand love and absence of malicious passion but Donald Trumo ia an evil incarnation in this regard. He is spreading sheer barbarism that can cause  irredeemable loss entire America

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Relation Btween Man & Society

 To understand man we must look beyond the individual man and his actions, or interests and view him in combination with his fellows. It is in society that man first feels what he is, first become what he can be. In society and altogether new set of spiritual activities are evolved in him, and the old immeasurable quickened and strengthened. Society is the general element in which his nature first lives and grows.

“Already says a deep thinker. My opinion, my conviction, gains infinitely in strength and sureness the moment a second mind has adopted it such even in its simplest form, is association; so wondrous the communion of soul with soul as directed to the mere act of knowing! In other and higher acts, the wonder is still more manifest. It is in society, we might almost say, that morality beings. The duties of man to himself, to what is highest in him make but the first Table of the Law. To this is now added the second, with the duties of man to his neighbor, which also the significance of the first now assumes its true importance.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Advancement Of Science

Very few students have really any clear idea of what science means. The teaching of science in school tends to obscure the meaning of science when pupils at school work for a pass in science subject they regard it their main business to learn a large number of facts and a smaller number of principles and theories. Now all this is good in its way. A scientist must have a certain number of facts, principles and theories at his finger tips. But science would cease to be science if scientist merely worked from fixed sets of facts and theories. The essence of science is the gathering of new facts and establishment of new theories. Science has advanced rapidly in recent history because scientist have been greedy for the new knowledge, and because they have been so ready to disbelieve in text book for their youth.
It is,therefore, most important to give our young students of science an awareness of skepticism and open-mindedness that is part of the very soul of science. Let them not thing that any branch of science is a subject that one can sit down and learn.Let them realize that science is essentially a creative activity.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Space Travel & Human Plights

Space travel is out and away the foremost big-ticket form of exploration ever undertaken by man. The huge expenditure of cash and human effort currently being dedicated to comes for putt man into house may somewhat be applied to ends a lot of much useful and more conductive to human happiness. it's an odd world within which tens of million pounds square measure pay to relinquish one man a ride around the
earth at thousands of miles AN hour, whereas to a lower place him in his orbit live millions for whom life could be a daily struggle to win some coins to shop for their daily bread. the money and energy that enter the event and construction of one form of space-rocket would over satisfy to free many countries of such scourge as protozoa infection or typhoid, to call solely 2 of the diseases, that life science has conquered however that still move the globe just because not enough cash and energy square measure dedicated to their demolition.
Why ought to the richer countries of the globe be running their resources into house once economic condition and sickness on the world square measure crying out for relief? One might provides a misanthropic answer to the current question and assert that man’s big-ticket adventures into house square measure just the by-products of the struggle between nice powers for status and attainable military advantage.

Monday, 20 February 2017

English As A Instruction

Whether the subject should be taught in English in our educational institutions or through the medium of our mother tongue is one of the most important problems of the present day. These are quite a few points to be considered in this connection. Those who oppose the introduction of English as a medium of instruction think that the subject taught in English are not properly understood by the students.when they are not able to understand a point properly, they are evidently unable to express it properly.
 When they are compelled to write the answer in English they feel pained. Hence they develop a sort of inferiority complex. This thing mars the growth of intellectual power and as a result their personality remains undeveloped. Thus, they prove a complete failure in their lives. But that is not a sensible way of thinking. As a matter of fact, it is not simply the medium of instruction that counts in the educational affairs. There are some other factors as well to be taken into consideration of mind, etc. Moreover, in Pakistan Urdu is still in a stage of infancy. It is impossible for it to compete with English at this stage. So we should wait till such a time when it becomes mature enough to absorb suitable equivalents of technical terms before it is introduced as a medium of instruction. The change, of course, must be there, but it  must be very gradual one.

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Keep the personnel of exertion alive in you by all the uncalled for practice each day. That is by being methodically self-denying or chivalrous in minimal superfluous focuses, doing each day something for no other explanation than that you would rather not to do it, so that when the hour of critical need draw high, it might discover you prepared to stand the test.
Self-restraint of this sort resembles the protection which a man pays on his home and merchandise. The assessment does him no great at the time, and perhaps may never, being him an arrival. Be that as it may, if the fire comes, his having paid-it will be his salvation from demolish. So with the man who has day by day train himself to propensities for concentrated consideration, vivacious activity and forbearance in superfluous things? He will stand like a tower when everything rocks around him and when his gentler individual mortals are winnowed like debris in the impact.