Thursday, 9 February 2017

Marriage As Conspiracy

How we can call marriage a conspiracy...????
Marriage is conspiracy which your friends and relations
Spring upon you with an
Absolutely clean conscience.
Alas! One learns the truth but too late. 

The question why we marry is interesting and needs to be examined briefly. Marriage has social sanctity. It makes you respectable in the eyes of others. It is traditional to get marriage. Again, the instinct to possess is strong in human beings. One also marries because an average celibate life is devoid of comfort and women. Again most of us cannot indulge in sex outside marriage without feeling guilty. Then there are certain romantic illusions which surround marriage. One likes to imagine a beautiful, obedient loving wife untying one’s shoe-laces in the evening and saying sweet things under her breath. As a married man you find that your personal independent has been curtailed. Your friends are suspect. You find that you have financial worries. You are supposed to spend money and things you never ever knew existed or were used by human beings. You realized that "Your Wife Is Jealous of You".

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