Thursday, 23 February 2017

Relation Btween Man & Society

 To understand man we must look beyond the individual man and his actions, or interests and view him in combination with his fellows. It is in society that man first feels what he is, first become what he can be. In society and altogether new set of spiritual activities are evolved in him, and the old immeasurable quickened and strengthened. Society is the general element in which his nature first lives and grows.

“Already says a deep thinker. My opinion, my conviction, gains infinitely in strength and sureness the moment a second mind has adopted it such even in its simplest form, is association; so wondrous the communion of soul with soul as directed to the mere act of knowing! In other and higher acts, the wonder is still more manifest. It is in society, we might almost say, that morality beings. The duties of man to himself, to what is highest in him make but the first Table of the Law. To this is now added the second, with the duties of man to his neighbor, which also the significance of the first now assumes its true importance.

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